Khamis, 10 Julai 2014

Nutritional Supplements Survey

Nutritional Supplements Survey

Looking for Chinese or Malay aged 20-39.

-people who are actively trying to lose weight/ manage weight & for whom physical appearance is important.

-users & non users of weight management/ weight loss products.

Venue : Menara Multipurpose

16/7 Wed 10am
Malay male aged 20-29.
Non user
Malay session
Token : RM200

16/7 Wed 2pm
Chinese female aged 20-29.
Non user
Mandarin session
Token : RM200

18/7 Fri 10am
Chinese & Malay female aged 20-39.
English session
Token : RM230

18/7 Fri 2pm
Chinese male aged 30-39.
Mandarin session
Token : RM200

For those are interested pls SMS the full details & call Ms Low @ 0133408678 for further details. Tq

Full name :
IC No :
Contact No :
Occupation :
Full address :
Personal income :
Household income :
Brand of supplement taken (if any) :

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