Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

Onion chips

1 kg flour
200 gm red onion *
6 cloves garlic *
1 piece galanga (small size) *
3 stalks lemongrass *
3 tbsp dried shrimp (finely pounded Posted)
6 tbsp chilli paste (add more if you would like it spicy)
salt to taste
1 cup water Blend ingredients for marked *

1 kg of wheat flour
3 / 4 cup margarine
salt to taste


1. Spicy dough: Blend the marked * ingredients with 1 cup of water.
2. Filter the ingredients you have blended
3. Add flour, then add onion which had filtered, dried shrimps and salt.
4. Mix all and pour the filtered water gradually. Knead until dough is finished and if the filtered
water is not enough, you may use ordinary water.
5. Make sure the dough is not too soft, make sure it is slightly harder than a curry puff dough
6. white dough: Mix the flour with margarine and salt
7. Pour in water and mix the dough similar to the spicy dough.
8. Divide the both dough into 10 parts. (10 pieces of white dough and 10 pieces of spicy dough)
9. Take a piece of white dough and rolled to thin. Aside
10. Then rolled the spicy dough to thin pieces as well. You may use a roller machine.

11. Place the white dough on top and the spicy dough at the bottom and rolled both dough into the roller machines so that they stick to one another.

12. After that the dough can be rolled up neatly.

13. Repeat the process until it make up to 10 pieces.

14. Take one piece which has been rolled, thinly sliced it using a sharp knife

15. After that may be deep fried until golden brown

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